the festivities of the years end

oooh ah! a post!

It's that time again! End of spring, time for festivities.


For the URL inclined,

This year due to an election party in melbourne, it's been shifted forward one week from it's traditional 'last saturday in november'. So December 1, Black Mountain Peninsula. Bring a picnic/bbq lunch and games. It's Novemberfestivities time!

Everyone is welcome, and pass this one.

...and I really can't think of anything else to add... just...
Time to DANCE! =D
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I need a costume for this Saturday night. It is for a hen's night, and there is no theme, we just need to be dressed up. I had completely forgotten that it was this weekend, so I have nothing. Does anyone reading this have a costume of any sort they could lend me? At this point I would even be grateful for fairy wings. ;)
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free stuff

1 king single bed, a bit worse for ware but still ok
its in dickson so if you want it bring a ute or a trailer come and pick it up.

e-mail me: (serenity at grapevine don net dot au) if your interested

the candle, the candle, the candle is on fire

oops, I thought I had posted about this earlier to campbellhouse community, but better later than a poke in the eye with a laser canon

So, tonight of the 16th, is the night of the Campbellhouse Candle Cathedral burning.

It's a new years celebration of a form, it's a time to burn the worst of last year the the flames, and bring people together for the progress of the new year arriving.

Candle burning will start well after sundown (about 9:30pm or later), come earlier for casual socialness. BYO munchies as desired. Musics provided

just like last year...

It's that time of the year again... ie, the very start of it. w00t!

So once again, I'm celebrating New Years at Campbellhouse with the Candle Cathedral.

For those unfamiliar, the Candle Cathedral is a collection of candles that I assemble together and then burn as an alter to the year past. On the alter we sacrifice the memories of 2006 best left behind in the flames. (pen and paper will be provided)

So, mark it in your diaries for Fri Feb 16 (roughly: the new moon, and also chinese new year).

We will have entertainment in the form of people, music, movies, and a pool if it's still warm enough. BYO food and drinks.

Note that this isn't a big party shindig - rather, just an informal but fun gettogether of friends and loved ones to sit around and reminisce ... and plan.

We have a 2007 to live. We should start it well.

PS: The cathedral needs building. Please donate candles to me between now and the end of January if you'd like to include any. I'll be building the cathedral sometime in Feb before the 16th. All donations welcome.
Bear, Calypso

(no subject)

everyone's invited to my 20th bday thing.
what: lunch and drinks. and i'll bring a cake. i like cake.
Where: all bar nun, o'conner
when: 17th dec, 12pm
rsvp: 6th dec, if you don't have my phone number, just leave a comment.
hope to see you there.

pumping it dry

This is a call out to anyone who might have a spare washing machine they can donate/sell in the direction of campbellhouse...

Ours has died. It fills and agitates/washes, but no longer pumps water out/spins.

So, on the lookout for a washing machine - can anyone help?

(...and till then, on the lookout for somewhere to wash clothes!)

Dear Campbell Houseians (if thats right)

hey guys,

i thought i would ask, as it is polite. im having a birthday bash for me/farewell for laura on friday the 1st. i dont know what time i will finish my work (at southern cross ten in waston) and was wondering if i could come by after work, get changed, leave my car there and then possibily stay over that night and drive back home the next day.

if that is possible, great. if not, i would like to know asap.

Thanks you