Torchwood update

OK, so here's the deal.

There are *two* episodes of Torchwood, so that makes an hour and 40minutes of watching time!

So let's aim for a 6:30pm starttime (I'll knock off work a bit early for it even!

See you all at c'house this monday evening! :)


So everyone has been waiting with baited breaths since Doctor Who left our screens back in 1989, for a suitable replacement to come along and occupy our time.

Sure you might say, Firefly was good. Babylon5 too. X-Files started well, but went bad. Even Buffy and Angel provided some non-sci-fi entertainment fun over the years. And who could forget that little poxy Doctor Who -in-name thing we've been watching over winter for the last couple of years. ;)


The big news is of course TORCHWOOD.

So, the first ep is airing on the 22nd, 9pm BST.

What does that mean for us aussies? It means it airs at 6am monday morning... so monday night might just yet become Torchwood night.

What say you gentle readers? Are you in?

I dares you to all visit! I'll post followups once I've talked to housemates more. ;)

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If anyone finds two dvds in paper sleeves, namely  F.E.A.R and Evil Dead Regeneration game discs, could you let me or Gareth know, they seem to have been misplaced even though I was under them impre

Your city in photos

>Cross post to CHC from my blog<

Hey, anyone seen this just yet?

Worldwide scavenger hunt-esque photo snaps competition on Sept 2. Basically you need to take 30 photos in your city in 6 hours (2pm to 8pm) giving your interpretation of the items on the scav hunt list. You do it in teams so that's less work, more play. Check it out, looks like fun. Would be interested in seeing peeps' photos... wonder what sort of stuff they will have on the list.

So get on down to that site and register yourselves this week.

I'll be travelling into unfamiliar territory on that day, so I might not be able to do it. But, could be interesting to try it in a completely new city too, if I can.

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um... just for anyone that i haven't told, i'm having my eighteenth birthday party (here, obviously), on the second of september(saturday)
housemates are of course welcome to invite whomever they wish, and anyone else on here, i hope it goes without saying, is welcome also

saturday night fun!

Dale is turning 21
(how the fuck did that happen?)

Saturday 26th August
37 Majura ave. Dickson (blue base)
BYO alcohol, brain and towels
there will be food, lots of food, interesting food and over 1000 sparklers... at once!

and if possible car pool cause parking is kinda limited, i suggest riding bikes.

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This is putting the idea out there as much as anything, I'll leave the real planning up to prettybynite...

For the long-planned will-happen-one-day,-right? LOTR and Matrix marathons, I take inspirations from here: (obligatory link of a list of places I'd like to go see movies in)

So, Hobbit Feast with the LOTR night. We eat whenever they eat!

What can we do for Matrix equivelants (apart from Air Guitar whenever Keanu says 'woah'?)