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The House on the Hill
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It was a dark and stormy night, and the lanterns glowed gently in the window...

There is a place known as 'Campbellhouse'. This community is for those who call it home, or have in the past, or knows the people who do...

Come in. Be welcome. The lights are on.
(03) xxxx xxxx, 802.11, antiduck devices, board games, buffy, busted hotplates, cables, caller id, campbell house, card games, cats, compressed audio, computer games, dogs, door bells, dotor who, ducks, dvd, everything, fire twirling, firefly, folk music, forgetful stairs, free love, goannas, guitars, hassle, home security, homefinders, housemates, inflatable sharks, iron pipe, joss whedon, kangaroos, kittens, lawn mowing, life, making jetta_the_dog run clockwise, movies, mt ainslie, multimedia players, music of all kinds, not answering the phone, offsite backups, origami, origami elephants, parking lot, pets, philosophy, pink floyd, pool, red base, rice cookers, roses, rubix puzzles, saloon, satay, taking in strays, the anu film group, the campbell house charter, the intorweb, the jungle garden, the murder, the universe, tribbles, vegetarians, visitors, wallpaper